Chat Services

This is and image about our chat services. It has a button on it that says live chat.
Do you want to grab your website visitors attention or just be there to help answer questions when needed. We can help both issues. Don’t hassle with trying to man chat yourself save your time and a bundle of money you would spend on labor and software cost. This our best subscription based service available.

Find out you are missing potential prospect because they are late adapters is hard to swallow. Yes you can create re-marketing campaigns in SEM or have great SEO and other tools. You can even see what company is surfing on your site. Wouldn’t it make sense to say hi. Our Chat representative will see if there is anything they can do to gain the prospects trust and prove a good service.

Chat Services

Our chat services include but are not limited to the following features.

* Sales Support IE. (Sales skills, appointment setting or lead generating)

* Tech Support

* Billing Support

* Surveying

* Data Collection

Knowing when and how to engage visitors can be a challenge.  We use analytically driven data to from strategy which increase conversion efficiency over time.  We get better as we good.

When formulating a good chat strategy we track areas of opportunity which may very based on sites intentions.  With tweaks in timing and communication we discover the optimal solution for converting your web traffic in to conversions.

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